What is Locanto – An Online Classified Site That Lets You Buy And Sell Real Estate For Free

what is locanto

What is Locanto – An Online Classified Site That Lets You Buy And Sell Real Estate For Free

What is Locanto? The Latin name of the town is Locas, which means “places”. Locanto is now one of the most popular search terms on Google for finding people and locating places. A brief search on YouTube also reveals many videos about Locanto.

So what is Locanto and how can it help buyers? A Locanto mobile application allows buyers and sellers to post classified ads online for free. You don’t need a special ad block on Facebook or a standalone ad server – a locanto app will do it all for you. Locanto is also an exclusive global, free to use, independent network of places dedicated to individual people, enterprises, for sale, for rent, communities, pet, vehicles, and jobs.

You can post free ads about what you’re selling, where you live, where you go to school, where you go on vacation, where your business is located and more. As a seller, you can post up to five ads at once, so that buyers can see you’re available. As a buyer, you’ll be able to see all of the available homes and businesses in your area. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can complete the sale and have your money transfer directly into your bank account. Your friends and family will never know you didn’t have to pay a penny!

The way that this app works is simple. You’ll start off by logging into your account and choosing what type of services you’re looking for (classifieds, personal services, realtor leads, etc.). Then, you can choose to either post free classified ads or pay a small fee to access all of the listings and make listings yourself.

While using a free classified site may seem like an easy option, it’s important to realize that most free classified sites don’t have many listings and their database isn’t as large. Because of this, you may find that the homes and businesses you want are only one or two in the database. Also, many people worry about the safety of posting classified ads on these sites. After all, they aren’t held responsible for the content of the ad itself nor do they own the home or business themselves. So what is Locanto?

What is Locanto is a unique online classified sites that is similar to a free classified site, but also allows you to sell and buy real estate and offers classified ads for realtor leads and other services. This innovative online resource was developed by award winning Internet Marketing entrepreneur Tim Laska and will allow users to not only view listings but also make auctions right from their web browser. Users can search by zip code, property value, price range, and many other criteria. With this unique service, sellers will have access to a ready pool of local buyers who are looking for homes or businesses just like them. What is Locanto may not be the answer you’re looking for but it may be the answer to your home-buying dilemma.


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