Top 3 pros of Locanto app

Locanto has many advantages vs other best escort sites. It is well-organized with many sections and sub-categories, making one’s escort search way easier and faster which is vital for busy folks. 

Then, girls’ quality is rather high. It is not accidental that some hookup experts consider Locanto escorts elite. Well, at least, it’s a fact that they’re well-groomed and respect themselves

Finally, among the top 3 pros of Locanto app, its legitimacy should be listed. It claims to provide a companionship not sex services, and there were never any problems with the law.

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Locanto is a powerful, modern and highly intuitive mobile dating mobile app. It is an awesome mobile dating experience for people across the world.

If you are a first time user of this amazing Locanto app you must know and understand some of its pros and cons. By understanding these pros and cons you can have a better idea about how it will work in your favour to land on the best and hottest online dating site for you.

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One of the top advantages of Locanto is that it is completely free to all its users. Yes, you get it absolutely free with all the paid upgrade offers. That means you get all these amazing advantages at no extra cost! You will instantly get access to the advanced features which are waiting for you!

Another great advantage of this Locanto app is that you get to enjoy its fantastic international features. With a free membership you can easily enjoy the features that are made available to foreign users of the site.

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Celebrities Looking For A Hookup

You get a chance to chat with other members and get to know about Locanto more from different parts of the world; you can create your own profiles for your own convenience; you get to see and read their profile before sending them a friend request; you can search for different countries, cities and topics with ease; you can even see the list of nearby restaurants and check if they have the recipes you need. All these features make the dating experience fun and exciting.

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This is one of the top advantages of Locanto, so what’s left for us? That’s right, we get to find the best possible profile matching options that we want. Since you get a chance to choose from different countries and city you can be sure to find the person who suits your preferences best.

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So if you like a tall thin girl from Milan and a short muscular guy from London then you can definitely get a chance to communicate with each other using this amazing application.

If you prefer to chat with a German speaking guy then there are German and English-speaking versions of the application you can use. You get to create your very own profile which gives you the chance to personalize it the way you want.

Enjoying Hookup Time
Enjoying Time

This is actually the best part about the Locanto. Its user-friendly interface makes it very easy for anyone to use and is very useful in connecting you to potential friends from around the world. The other advantages of the application include the fact that you can do group searches to find like minded people.

Plenty Of Real Profiles

It also provides you with some of the best public transportation systems around and gives you tips on how you can get a better job. There is also a great forum where you can meet other members and share your thoughts and ideas.

Real Women Hookup Profiles
Real Women Profiles

As you can see the advantages of the Locanto App aren’t limited to being just a dating app. There are so many other great features and benefits you get with every download.

All you have to do is search for these pros and you will be given a list of all the things you can get from the application. To sum up, the best thing about Locanto is the simple yet elegant interface and easy to use features. No wonder why it has become so popular over the years.


  1. Elmer says:

    When a girl realizes that you are a reliable guy who deserves to be with her, she will be more open towards having sex.

  2. Bruce says:

    Of course, you do not want to expect instant results.

  3. West says:

    Do not expect to be smitten by your hookup as if it were magic the second the door bell chimes.

  4. Winifred says:

    Take it slow because women tend to be cautious when it comes to commitment and sex.

  5. Hogan says:

    For you to be able to hookup with a girl for free dating apps, you must be able to play the game right.

  6. Hayes says:

    One of the best tips in playing hookup women free games is to play the game casually.

  7. Pittman says:

    Do not expect to be engaged in a three-way lovemaking session the next day.

  8. Ruiz says:

    Take it easy and make sure to go slow.

  9. Isabel says:

    Women will appreciate your ability to take things slow and they will be very grateful to you for that.

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